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"We never forget that it is your opportunity or problem. We'll offer our guidance and recommendations, but our clients make their strategic decisions"
- Kelly Jones

Our Approach

At Jones Hassett, we believe our approach to partnering with our clients is a bit different from traditional law firms.

We strive to tell our clients what they ought to hear, rather than what we know they want to hear.  Additionally, we recognize that we are assisting our clients in their matters; it is our privilege to utilize our training and experience to make business recommendations to our clients, but we always respect their decisions for the future of their companies.

Consider three main factors when evaluating prospective firms.  These are, in no particular order, 1) the respective firm’s professional reputation for providing quality legal services, 2) the firm’s commitment to its clientele and the general public, and 3) each particular firm’s experience in the unique business affairs of that particular client.

Concerning any particular firm’s reputation for professional integrity and quality service, several probing questions are especially appropriate.  What type of law does the firm practice?  Are the firm’s clients stable and respected businesses?  What is the length of the firm’s client relationships?  Is the firm committed to a team concept, or is it a loose confederation of individual attorneys?  Is the firm committed to developing long-lasting relationships?  Is the firm’s reputation respected by other professionals?

Similarly, when evaluating a firm’s commitment to its clientele and its community, several questions come to mind.  Does the firm have a reputation as tough negotiators?  Can it back up tough negotiations with proven litigation ability?  Has the firm made its mark in transactional practice, in litigation, or both?  Again, what are the durations of its client relationships?  Where is the firm’s headquarters?  Does the firm rent or own an office facility?  Do the firm’s members have demonstrated commitments to improving their area’s quality of life?  Does the firm have pending grievance matters?  Are the members of the firm well-rounded individuals?

Naturally, we believe that our answers to these questions make a strong case for our firm.  Our stability, board-certified designations, “preeminent” reputation, approach to our clients, and vast experience demonstrate that Jones Hassett is prepared to solve your legal problems.  Our involvement in civic affairs is a proven commodity, and our commitment to our community is best exemplified by our office building, located only two blocks north of Arlington’s central business district, receiving the Mayor’s Award of Excellence for Urban Design in 1993.

We look forward to addressing your legal needs with the attention, experience, and professionalism that you deserve.

Our building is a tangible symbol of our firm.  Prominently featuring the timeless arch, we are proud that our building won the Mayor's Award of Excellence in Urban Design in 1993.