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"A lawyer who will help you find a balanced win/win for both sides, while making certain no one takes advantage of you, is the best kind of lawyer there is."
- Amy Rees Anderson

Capable and Seasoned Professionals

Any service organization is only as strong as its people.  With over 144 years' of combined professional experience, Jones Hassett has a team of trained, seasoned, and dedicated professionals ready to assist you. Please scroll over their names to learn more about each member of our team.

  • L. Kelly Jones
    For over 40 years, Mr. Jones has practiced law by NOT thinking like a lawyer. Instead, he sees his clients' problems and opportunities from their perspective. What is the most direct and efficient path to obtaining their objective? Maintaining his clients' objectives and focus has earned Mr. Jones a loyal following in the business law arena.
  • Michael Hassett
    Mr. Hassett understands that clients rarely relish lengthy and protracted litigation. While some disputes can only be resolved through litigation, Mr. Hassett carefully explores all available resources to each client's situation. If litigation is necessary, however, Mr. Hassett has the knowledge, experience, and will to win necessary for successful representation.
  • Kimberly Biggs
    Staying power is a rare commodity in today's world. With more than 30 years of administrative experience, and 28 of them specific to Jones Hassett, Ms. Biggs offers a unique perspective on the constancy of performing with personal attention and familiarity for clientele demanding high professionalism and production standards.
  • Carol Hallows
    Ms. Hallows does everything possible to close all her transactions in a professional and timely manner. As manager of our Stewart Title Company office, she takes her role as leader very seriously. She makes every effort to ensure each transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible for the customer.
  • Anna Spaulding
    Anna Spaulding joined Jones Hassett in January, 2005, with a tremendous amount of knowledge of the title industry having already worked in the business for nearly 17 years. She has a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Her skills and desire help in every aspect of the closing process.