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"For over 20 years, we have trusted and relied on Jones Hassett. Having reliable legal counsel a phone call away has allowed us to grow and thrive as a small business. "
- Dan Mohorc, CEO, Galactic Ltd.

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This is our greatest area of representation, as we serve as “general counsel” to many corporate and other entities which depend upon the firm for guidance, advice, and representation in a wide array of business problems and opportunities.  We have formed over 500 corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies.  We have acted as counsel for either buyer, seller, or lender in many merger and acquisition matters, ranging well in excess of $50 million.

We have helped our clients in innumerable mergers, consolidations, re-organizations, corporate acquisitions, purchase and sale of assets, and liquidations of business entities.  We have successfully assisted clients in both establishing franchise agreements and setting up franchise networks, as well as assisting clients negotiating with and joining established franchisors.

We have assisted several of our companies in “going public.”  In fact, we have been there ourselves, as our members have served both on the boards of directors and as the CEO/CFO of public companies.

In matters of some public interest, the firm successfully negotiated and prepared the various corporate and partnership documents organizing the ownership entity for the Dallas Sidekicks Major Soccer League franchise, and negotiated the franchise agreement and assisted in preparing the partnership’s documents for the ownership entity for the Fort Worth Brahmas Western Professional Hockey League franchise, as well as the Fort Worth Flyers NBA Development League team.

We serve as general counsel to the Westworth Redevelopment Authority, a Texas non-profit economic development corporation, which developed tens of millions of dollars of commercial and residential real property upon land formerly owned by the U.S. government adjacent to the old Carswell Air Force base, now known as Naval Air Station/Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth.

We are confident that any general corporate matter can be competently handled at Jones Hassett.



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