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"Supremely client focused and diligent, with a deep resource of knowledge and experience; one of the finest firms I've worked with in 28 years in commercial real estate."
- Sydni Roberson, James Campbell Co.

Real Estate: The Cornerstone of Our Practice

We have historically been heavily involved in real estate practice, offering our clients full-service legal expertise related to the purchase, sale, development, and management of real property.

We have a reputation as “deal makers” -- for getting the deal done, and done in our clients’ best interests.

We regularly work with our clients in the earliest stages of real estate activity, assisting them in deciding upon and forming the appropriate type of entity, negotiating and arranging sufficient commercial lending or other capital investment, negotiating and contracting the transaction, assisting in proper due diligence during the transaction, and ensuring that the transaction is appropriately consummated.

We have worked with our clients in the purchase and sale of raw acreage; residential development; lot takedowns; construction; interim and permanent lending; residential and commercial foreclosures; Barnett Shale gas leasing; pipeline condemnation; residential and commercial leasing activity; property management; real estate syndications; condominium formation and administration; and homeowner association creation and management.

Our clients have learned to appreciate and rely upon our willingness to devote whatever resources are necessary to meet their timetables and deadlines, no matter how immediate those needs might be.

Our dual core competencies of real estate and civil litigation complement each other if problems unfortunately develop, such as loan workouts, foreclosure, breach of contract allegation, and other disputes which invariably arise.

In addition to our local clientele, we have acted as local counsel for both national and international clients owning commercial real estate projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including clients in Beverly Hills, Boston, Cincinnati, Honolulu, Houston, Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, San Francisco, and Vail.



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