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"A multi-million dollar international business can be a logistical nightmare. Jones Hassett's expert organizational & financial advice helped Capt. Peacock be so successful."
- Leonardo Leao, Capt. Peacock Yachts

Funding Your Business: Dealing with the Details.

We have extensive experience in all forms of financing, both private and public.  Due to our significant banking practice, we have represented numerous lenders in all forms of commercial and real estate lending.  Similarly, our business practice has caused us to be heavily involved in all forms of lending negotiations from the borrower’s standpoint.  The firm’s experience in private financing includes installment loans; working capital lines of credit; interim construction loans; permanent loans; development loans; business acquisition funding; and industrial revenue bonds.

We have represented the issuer in numerous private placement and regulation D offerings, ranging from the syndication of quarter horses to hotel projects, as well as the negotiation and documentation of SEC registration statements for fully-reporting companies.

With regard to public financing, we are not competent to act as bond council; however, we have extensive experience from the issuer standpoint, due to serving on the governing board of five issuers of public bonds (City of Arlington, Stephen F. Austin State University, North Texas Higher Education Authority, City of Westworth Village, and Westworth Redevelopment Authority).  Additionally, while serving as chief executive officer of a public company, Kelly Jones successfully negotiated, documented, and completed several rounds of PIPES (Private Investment of Public Companies).

Mr. Jones’ experience as chairman of the Arlington City Council’s Budget and Audit committee, as chairman of the City of Westworth Village’s Finance Committee, as president of the Westworth Redevelopment Authority, and as general counsel for both the North Texas Higher Education Authority and the Westworth Redevelopment Authority, gives the firm unique experience and capabilities in the realm of municipal and quasi-governmental financing.

Due to our extensive representation of both lenders and borrowers, we have negotiated and/or prepared documentation for literally thousands of secured transactions, both public and private.  We are fully competent to handle any form of secured transaction which might involve our clients.


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