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- Kelly Jones

Welcome to Jones Hassett's 'News and Resources" Page

On this page, we’ll add new material from time-to-time with examples of the firm’s breadth of experience, informational articles on legal topics of interest to our clients, and also links to third-party materials which we believe you might find of interest.

Upon its initial launch, for instance, you’ll see that the page features 1) the results of our blind client survey, 2) some recent client activity evidencing the firm’s expertise, 3) a few articles of legal interest, such as property owners’ rights regarding a tree along a property line, and general construction claims, and 4) a link to a recent Forbes.com article entitled Nothing is More Expensive than a Cheap Lawyer, relating to the writer’s experience when retaining counsel.

We invite you to return to this section of our website periodically to review items of interest, and we invite your feedback or request for some general topic which you would like to see added to the page.